Frequently Asked Questions

What is imgbox?
Imgbox is a free image hosting service.
What file types are supported?
Images of the file types JPG, GIF and PNG are supported.
What is the maximum file size?
Each file must be 10MB or smaller.
How long are images stored?
Images are stored for life time (see our terms of service).
How many images can I add to a gallery?
A gallery can contain a maximum of 500 images.
Should I keep a backup of my images on my local machine?
Yes, you always should backup your files.
I registered for a free account. How many images can I store?
There are no limits (fair use).
Can I inline link (hotlink) the original images I uploaded.
Yes, but please use the provided "full size" share codes only. Other URLs may change in the future.
Are there bandwidth limitations for inlin linking (hotlinking)?
There is no hard limit. Abusive referrers will be blocked.
Why are my thumbnail previews square?
Thumbnails on your "My Images" and "My Galleries" pages are displayed as squares to preserve the layout.
I want to report an abusive photo. How do I contact you?
Please send an email to
I found a bug or have a suggestion. How do I contact you?
Please send an email to